AMT Recruiter

There is a significant workforce shortage of aviation technicians in the United States.  AMT Recruiter is the only recruitment service that is solely focused on finding small aviation companies aviation maintenance technicians.

AMT Recruiter

We specialize in helping aviation maintenance companies who do not have full time recruitment staff find aviation maintenance technicians.  By using our service, you no longer need to try to find technicians by placing job posting on numerous services, hiring recruiters, attending job fairs, or the numerous other attempts to find a technician.  Your primary focus is and should be your company – let us do the grunt work of finding you the technician based on your specific requirements.  Best yet, you do not pay us until the person hired has completed 3 months of employment – what do you have to lose?

You determine the specifications

You provide us with the minimum job requirements needed for your position. 

We find the technicians

Based upon your minimum requirements, we find you the technician that meets those requirements.

Focus on the company

You focus on running your company and not spend time trying to locate your next employee.


Only pay for who you hire

There are no upfront cost associated with our service. Only pay us when the employee has been with you for three months.

Recruitment Model

We are solely focused on finding aviation maintenance technicians. Where that is a non certified mechanic or a fully FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant Technician, we have the ability to find and refer to you for final review and hire.

Service Models

Our service ensures that you have a steady stream of qualified technicians to meet your current and future needs.  As your needs grow, we can support that growth by developing a long-term workforce pipeline that is custom tailored to your specific requirements.

The Process

Your time is valuable.  We have a simple process that requires you only provide us with the minimum skills, certifications, pay target, and experience for the job opening and we will do the rest. We will also need to know basic benefit packages that you offer.  Our experience has shown that a company that treats its employees well tend to keep their employees.  All information provides to us is considered confidential.

We understand that every company has a different hiring process and specific sets of skills. That’s why we offer solutions tailored to your needs. We set premium on timely delivery and quality.

How do we do it?

AMT Recruiter is operated by long time aviation professionals who have years of experience in aviation maintenance education, job placement, and recruitment activities. We have developed an extensive network that allows us access to technicians across the United States and through the use of our proprietary technology based system paired with our “foots on the ground” team, we can quickly and accurately identifies potential candidates.


We charge a flat rate per person hired. We offer discounts after 10 persons and 50 persons are hired within a rolling 12 month period.  You only pay when a person has been with you for 90 days.

There a number of factors that must be taken into consideration.  The more minimum requirement you have, the longer it will take to find your candidates.  We will refer to you those candidate that meet ALL of your minimum requirements.  Your target pay level as well as your benefit packages must be attractive for candidates to want to consider working for you.   We typically will start delivering candidates to you between 2 and 4 weeks from start date.  By providing relocation assistance, you will get more candidates as well as a faster delivery of them.

Although this may sound simplistic, but you get what you pay for.  It is truly an employees market right now and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  You must be willing to pay and provide the benefits that are found elsewhere in your area.  The market for technicians is competitive, you need to be able to compete with those companies around you – and now even more with companies that are recruiting outside their home territory. Also, your benefits will play a large part for many potential applicants.  We have seen that relocation assistance increases the number and quality of persons interested in changing employers. 

You owe nothing to us if you separate from the employee within 90 days.  You as a business person will need to determine the time and process to properly validate whether the employee is a good fit for your company or not.


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Contact Info

AMT Recruiter is a division of Aviation Workforce Solutions.  Aviation Workforce Solutions has been instrumental in the development of numerous aviation projects that have successfully been executed over the years.  Aviation Workforce Solutions CEO is Sean Gallagan, PhD.  Dr. Gallagan has managed numerous aviation endeavors including FAA Part 65, Part 141, and Part 147, as well as numerous aviation education and training programs at the technical and college levels.